Ceramic Coated Filter C7000

SKU: C7000

This Pipercross Universal Airbox has been treated by renowned heat management gurus Zircotec to enable lowest possible intake temperatures for truly maximum performance.

Approved for use by TOCA, this airbox is predominantly designed for applications where details matter and there is a real competitive advantage to be had from installing a product such as this. Equipped with a ceramic coated alloy spinning case, the airbox is both lightweight and durable for the stresses and strains of competition. Inside the airbox, Pipercross have installed a double conical filter for maximum flow with optimum filtration to ensure the best combination for competition. Zircotec have been employed to coat the airbox to offer ultra slim profile heat management, where traditional heat management techniques would have to be either strapped or bonded, Zircotec is ready to go straight from the box and does not require renewal. For the most reduction in intake temperatures, the airbox includes a 100mm diameter cold air feed which can route the coolest air, enabling the filter to optimise drawn air intake.

The C7000 Airbox is as used by British Touring Car Championship teams such as Redstone Racing, Rob Austin Racing, Speedworks, Welch Motorsport, AMD Racing and Thorney Motorsport.

  • 75mm diameter outlet
  • 100mm diameter cold air feed

Suitable for applications up to 400-450Bhp