Pipercross Oval MPX019

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  • More power - Proven power gains
  • Engine protection - filters for longer than rival filters
  • A filter for life - wash and refit
  • Motorsport pedigree - Used by some of the worlds top teams
  • Need it quick? - Order upto 4.30pm
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How will a Pipercross foam air filter benefit you?

  • Directly replaces the air filter in your airbox
  • Over 30% more airflow over a standard paper air filter
  • Longer lifespan before cleaning required over cotton
  • Easy cleaning, no dirt caught like with V shaped filter grooves
  • Bench tested for improved fuel economy, power and torque outputs
  • Lifetime warranty on all replacement and performance road use filters

Unlike their competition, Pipercross have adopted multi layered foam technology for their air filters as opposed to cotton or paper. Why? Because foam has a larger capacity for filtration over cotton or paper. In road use terms this means that a Pipercross filter will flow stronger for longer and maintain peak power output of the vehicle over a cotton or paper counterpart. Whilst the cotton or paper filters begin to restrict airflow due to being thinly stretched over a V shaped wire frame the Pipercross with multi layer technology will continue to perform.

The low maintenance and long lifespan aspects of a Pipercross filter come from the special triple layer foam that is used on all Pipercross filters. The outer core is coarse foam designed to trap larger particles, the middle core is Medium foam designed to trap most particles and the inner core is fine foam which will trap the remainder of the particles. The triple layer foam design ensures an exceptional level of engine protection in any conditions.

Why are Pipercross foam filters better than the competition?

Pipercross, based in the UK home of motorsport have over 25 years of road and track racing experience when it comes to filtration. Through this experience and engineering only the highest quality is achieved which is passed onto you through more power, torque, fuel economy & throttle response. Why settle for lesser filter brands which only have road experience when you can have quality proven on the track? Below are just some of the Pipercross sponsored winning teams.

  • BSB: PBM Kawasaki, Tyco Suzuki, PR Kawasaki, FB Moto Honda and Doodson Honda
  • Supersport: AP Kawasaki and GNS Racing Kawasaki
  • Thundersport: PCR Racing, JHS Racing and Mototech
  • Isle of Man TT: Tyco Suzuki, Ivan Lintin and Maria Costello
  • NW200: Tyco Suzuki, RC Express Kawasaki, PCR Racing and Mototech

How is a Pipercross air filter manufactured?

All Pipercross air filters are manufactured right here in the UK. At the Northamptonshire headquarters and manufacturing facility all filters are hand made carefully to ensure you are always receiving the best quality today on the automotive aftermarket. Pipercross pride themselves on being British manufactured and will never outsource for cheaper or lesser quality processes. Watch the video below to see how a Pipercross air filter is made!


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