About PX

For over 40 years, Pipercross have endeavoured to develop the best air filters on the market, in both performance and filtration. Opting to use foam for its greater dirt retention capability while not restricting flow, which has allowed them to keep vehicles of all types, performing their best throughout your ownership.

Manufacturing in the UK using high quality parts, many of which are locally sourced, each filter is created by hand in a step by step process, ensuring the highest level of quality control at every stage of this process.

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POTN is a power house when it comes to online retail, specialising in Performance parts for the automotive market, we're behind the biggest websites on the market such as EBC Brake Shop, Bilstein Suspension Store, Eibach Shop and more. Working closely with manufacturers we become their preferred retail partner, representing them in the best way possible.

Established in 2001 We pride ourselves on employing car enthusiast to help drive their enthusiasm and knowledge into their customer experience.

When it comes to the above The Pipercross Shop is no exception with our team being some of the most knowledgeable and most experienced with the brand in the world.