Pipercross Plus

Pipercross Plus has improved strength and rigidity, swapping out the mesh used in the regular Pipercross panel filters and replacing it with a stronger and better looking 1mm steel frame. You can really feel the difference that this change makes to the strength of the filter, even when pulling 100’s of CFM (cubic feet per minute) through the foam. A special and new foam matrix has been used after testing multiple formulations of foam with varying results to ensure the ultimate combination. Performance is always the end goal, but Pipercross didn’t want to lose the high filtration quality already found in their filters.

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The Foam Formula

20 PPI Foam

Utilising this free-flowing foam to capture the large dirtparticles in an optimised thickness of 20mm, this first layer provides a great balance between filtration and flow.

60 PPI Foam

5mm Layer of 60 PPI foam is used to filter out any finer particles that make their way through the more open foam, this layer is mostly for protection, by keeping its thickness to a minimum it doesn’t disrupt the great flow of air this filter allows.

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The Frame

A new stronger frame has been created with breath ability in mind, when compared to our regular mesh,this frame has a 22.1% increase in effective flow area. Not only is this good in terms of performance, but the increased rigidity in the frame will also improve durability.

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